HOTsINK is a hub for innovative, immersible in bar beer activation and unique beer experiences.

Conveys messages in a realatable and tactile manner, which allows beer brands to authentically connect with consumers.”

We are in-Bar Beer activators who create a flash-in-the-pan in bar campaigns. Original jingle, and eye-catching thought-provoking engagements in Bar that keeps on working for our Bar partners and beer brand owners for the long haul.

We give our customers the palpable experience they crave in Bar

We bring our customers into our world by giving them a real experience they’ll remember and share for years to come. Hotlink’s Lime Wednesdays and Up for whatever Fridays” weekly in Bar campaigns is not what to miss in member participating Bars

We make it impossible for our customers to resist sharing our in-Bar campaigns.

There’s something about the beautiful Hs girls that promote our beer activations in your local bar.

Becoming a HOTsINK girl, is one of the sort after dedications around town that any hot chick can achieve.

You’ll have to make sure that every guy who sees you wants to drink a beer, refreshingly, and every girl who sees you wants to be just like you the next week.

Pure fantasy with HOTsINK Girls

Lime Tuesdays with Mini bar Girls—-Partner with hot Barber shops in town for men make over on hair and women and free massage

  • Girls are paid Ksh 1,500 per evening of activation.
  • Registration to be a Hs girl is Ksh 600…girls who over perform keep being in the business
  • You must have must have a black short trouser and black rubbers
  • White/blue sleeveless top will be provided by Hs.

People come to our site all the time wondering, “how do I become a HOTsINK girl?” Ladies, get ready to bestow upon your bountiful bosoms a beautiful HOTsINK Light blue top, because you’re about to join the elite marketing world of Beverage Promotion.

HOTsINK Girls Smile! HOTsINK Girls Have Fun! HOTsINK Girls Are The Life of in-bar drinking/the Party

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