In-Store Promotions

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In-Store Promotions

In-store activations are excellent tools for increasing sales and motivating brand switching at point of purchase.

Full solution includes campaign conceptualization, selecting and training of top quality promoters, design of uniforms and In-Store tables.

Perfect for sampling, wet demos, cook-ups, new product launches and educational campaigns. Retail environments – retailers, pharmacies, furniture stores, clothing outlets and traditional spaza stores.

Simply put, experiential marketing is an integrated marketing approach aimed at engaging you with your customers on an intellectual and on an emotional level. Experiential marketing puts its emphasis on customer retention and satisfaction, which in turn gives your brand mileage.

We know that experiential marketing builds customer relationships for the long term. Before undertaking any project, we take time to understand your needs so that we conceptualize innovative ideas that engage your clients on a personal level. We carry out nationwide in-store, outdoor and mall activations.

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